Building a better world of live music

We believe that there's a stage for everyone - and we're committed to giving artists everywhere an easier, fairer, and safer way to make a living playing music.

Our story

We're a group of artists, industry vets, and music lovers who got so fed up with how messed up music booking is that we decided to do it ourselves. From humble beginnings running DIY shows on frigid rooftops and far-flung basements, we've now expanded to four cities across the US, booked thousands of acts, and put artists in front of hundreds of thousands of fans.

Our mission

Booking is hard. Booking well is even harder, but great nights are worth the elbow grease. At GigFinesse, we're not just here to put events on the calendar. We're here to create experiences, friendships, community, and financial sustainability for bands and venues. This is everything that live music can be. We're committed to cutting away all the red tape and headaches that get in the way.

Our commitments


Breaking down barriers to booking for traditionally marginalized communities.


Demystifying payout and ticket counts so that artists always know the score.


Giving working artists less, not more, to think about.


Championing artist choice and creative freedom.