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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GigFinesse free to use?

Yes! GigFinesse is free to sign up and free to use. Any offer you get through the platform (door deal, guarantee, etc.) is exactly that, with no booking commission or hidden fees.

What is Stripe?

GigFinesse uses Stripe to quickly and easily pay artists out after their performances. Stripe is a leading payment processor, used by companies like Lyft, Instacart, and Airbnb to process payments between users. Everything that Stripe collects is encrypted, secure, and not accessible to anyone.

Why was my application not accepted?

Our mission is clear - there's a stage for everyone. Unfortunately, with limited slots to perform, it isn't everyone's time just yet. If you were rejected from our screening process, it isn't a reflection on you but rather an indication that we don't have opportunities we could tailor to you at the moment.

How does payout work?

GigFinesse tailors its deals to the night and the venue, but generally we have two categories: guarantees and ticket minimums. Once your payout has been calculated per your agreed-upon deal, the money will be deposited in your account in 3-5 days.

Any other questions?

For any other questions, please click here for detailed help docs or contact us at